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Understanding Our Dogs

behaviour lessons for dogsDogs are amazing little creatures. professional behavior training fo dogswouldn’t it be good if we could understand what they were saying, who they were saying it to, why they are saying it and could they please repeat it because we weren’t really listening.

well behaved dogsJust like your wife, and your girlfriend, dogs have needs and training for disobedient dogsdemands. maybe not for expensive jewellery but they have needs in other areas. Sometimes their bark is like a foreign language.

intelligent well behaved dogs blogger

In the same way that some Oriental cattle dogs and other dogs what behaviors are appropriate for your doglanguages are tonal a bark can mean different things depending on how it is enunciated. understanding dog behavior tumblr

If your dog barks loudly you may have to take it seriously.  If your cat barks…get over it – it means nothing.  dog behavior wordpress

I love that video of the cat that gets caught out barking through the window. Have you seen it?